The Best Camping Hammocks [Reviews & Guide 2019]

The Best Camping Hammocks [Reviews & Guide 2019]

Posted by FoxOutfitters on 17th Oct 2019

Our guide and comparison table of the top rated camping hammocks will help you choose the right hammock for you.

Fox Outfitters comes in with a jab at the double hammock market. What sets these apart from the rest, though? In my opinion they’ve got one notable difference you’ll want to mull over.

It’s worth saying here that the Fox Outfitters Neolite Double takes the prestigious “Lightweight Award’! Okay, I made that award up – but it is the lightest hammock on our list!

That statistic might be a bit skewed, however, because of the lack of rainfly and bug net. It’s still the lightest double hammock we’ve looked at so if weight is a major consideration for you then the buck stops here.

Ironically, not only is it the lightest, it’s also the cheapest!

On top of that I personally like the tree straps (sometimes called tree huggers) on this hammock better than any others on our list.

While the hammock straps are still rope, they run through protective nylon sleeves which spread out the force and abrasion of the straps to prevent damage to the trees. Nice!

Best for a couple who want a backpacking hammock while saving money at the same time!

Either your hammock uses ropes as tree straps or it uses webbing.

Webbing is flat tubular fabric often used in industrial rigging and climbing. It can handle a lot of weight! One of the great things about webbing is that the most common size 1” webbing spreads the abrasion from your hammock out on the tree bark.

Some parks require 1” tree straps just to hang your hammock. Ropes do serious and permanent damage to trees – particularly smaller trees or those with soft bark.

Don’t worry, even if you have ropes with your hammock, chances are very good that you can use some knots, a carabiner, and some webbing or slings to make your hammock gentler on the trees!

I used the 11’ versions of these bad boys from Pro Hammock for mine. Don’t do what I did, though! I ran mine over with the lawnmower…

Final Thoughts From the Author

At the end of the day hammocks are a great way to enjoy camping. Whether you use them for sleeping or hanging our during the day, they’re a welcome retrieve from laying on the ground.

Exactly what hammock is right for you must be determined by your preferences. Are you hiking with your hammock? Do you need rain protection? Would you like enough room for your partner to hang with you?

All of these determine which hammock you need to take out with you on your next trip. Revisit our “buyer’s guide” section and then you’ll be ready to choose the best hammock for camping!

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