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Lightweight 100 Series Self-Inflating Mattress

$49.99 $34.99
(You save $15.00)

Specs & Features

Unrolled (Long):
25" X 77" X 1.5"
Rolled (Long):
26" X 5.5"
Weight (Long):
2lb, 12oz
Unrolled (Regular):
20" X 72" X 1.5"
Rolled (Regular):
21" X 5.5"
Weight (Regular):
1lb, 15oz

Built for the Outdoors

Self-inflating Air Mats by Fox Outfitters are carefully designed for serious campers and backpackers. Crafted on a foundation of time-tested materials and components, our self-inflating mattresses are lightweight, compressible and now softer than ever, making them a perfect travel companion.

Lightweight and Durable

These light and versatile foam core pads are great for cold temperatures or those looking for a comfortable and lightweight self-inflating pad. We’ve taken outdoor living to a new level of comfort by covering our mats with a lightweight fabric that’s amazingly durable. This weight reduction improves upon an already portable mattress that uses innovative die-cut foams to provide comfort and support where you need it most.


Premium Materials

Our designs incorporate premium fabrics that include an internal polyurethane coating and durable air valves for years of use. Each pad is individually inflated and tested. Whether you're out for a weekend with the family or on a solo trip through challenging terrain, our self-inflating air mats will help you stay comfortable all night.

fox-l100l-1-87961.1405379674.500.659.jpg Durable non-corrosive brass valves provide rapid inflation and deflation Rapid Rise open cell foam featuring Triple Zone Comfort pattern for added support and comfort Unique Non-Slip Soft Touch fabric is heavy duty abrasion resistant fabric withstand rugged outdoor terrain.

99 product reviews
5 Stars


  1. 4 Star Review Great product for a good price!

    It's no Tempur-Pedic, but it's definitely better than sleeping on one of those roll-up foam mats! This comes with a carry sack and a repair patch just in case you get a tear/hole. This is a well made product - very sturdy material and the valve seems like it will continue to do its job. I have slept on this mat four times... one night on my bedroom floor to test it out, and three nights during a backpacking trip into the Kentucky wilderness. I did line the floor of my tent with a blanket before I put the mat down... I wanted to protect the material from any sharp rocks or sticks.

  2. 4 Star Review Very comfortable, tucks away easily, but failed to self-inflate

    I love that the mattress comes wrapped, and snug. Upon taking it out of its bag and unrolling it, I was at a loss. I truly expected it to inflate. It did not. I went online to see if there are any special instructions but never found any.
    I ended up reading a few reviews on how some people had a problem with the self inflation and they had to blow it up themselves. I did this, and it worked fine. However, I still have not figured out why it won't self-inflate itself.

    As for comfort, it seems to offer that quite well. It is surprisingly cozy for such a thin design. I enjoy that it is easy to roll up and easy to tuck away.

    Pros: Very comfortable even for a side-sleeper, easy to tuck away
    Cons: Does not seem to self-inflate (loss of one star for that)

    I would still recommended it!

  3. 4 Star Review Easy transport. Also quite durable. However....

    Due to the weather condition in Wisconsin at the time of this posting, it was a little difficult to simulate the summer weather conditions but I've done my best.

    This is quite easy to transport, and even comes with its own transportation sack. The product itself is quite durable, and when tested by dragging over gravel/dirt/ground (Frozen ground at the moment) it survived the test very well without any noticeable damage. When setup for the first time, having never used a self inflating mattress, I wasn't sure what to expect. There were no directions with it, but it seemed pretty self explanatory after I started. The mattress itself isn't specifically comfortable, but does provide an important lift from the ground which can help maintain body heat in cold weather condition. Also it was quite easy to deflate and put right back into its travel sack making it quite easily transportable.

    All in all this mattress does its job well during cold weather conditions, but wouldn't really help much unless you are camped at really rugged terrain during the warm weather months, or are on a hiking/camping trip. It's quite durable under the conditions tested, and while run through the snow didnt seem to absorb moisture as other some other mats can. If looking for a mat for long term outdoor camping/hiking this would be suggested.

  4. 4 Star Review Much better than foam

    This is about the same bulk and weight as a standard foam camp mat, but so so much better. We bought one regular and one long to replace the foam mats. It's a little more trouble to set up and put away, but well worth the extra couple minutes.

  5. 4 Star Review Large size is not lightweight but comfortable.

    I have the large size of this pad and it is much too bulky to be called lightweight. It is very durable and made with some great fabric and foam with a quality brass valve so I think it will last quite well however I would not recommend this for a multiday backpacking trip because of the size and weight. When packed down it is still 6 inches diameter by 13 inches long. The large size is very comfortable though it is like having an inflatable twin mattress in the backcountry. Very comfortable and great construction. Just not a true lightweight pad. Your sleeping bag won't slide all over the place and after a couple initial inflations it self inflates pretty well. All in all a great pad if you need the size

  6. 4 Star Review Decent Sleeping mat for the Price

    OK so it's not that lightweight or compact. But mats that are lighter and more compact are at least double the price. I like my mats compact, so I opted replace the storage sack with a smaller one. Now I fold it in half before rolling it to reduce the width to its no wider for my pack. Perhaps I should have got the regular size.

    The self inflating valve is super. I let it self inflate for 15 minutes, closed the valve and sleep all night through. The next morning when I opened the valve to stow the mat, the air was gushing in. I guess it wasn't fully inflated. So my advice would be to let it self inflate for a good amount of time.

    For comfort, I really can't complain about it. I'm in my mid 50 and have a "bad back", I slept the night through without problems. It's more comfortable than my old Thermarest.

    I might consider exchanging my large size for a regular. I'll save 1/2 a pound and get it more compact.

  7. 4 Star Review Durable and comfortable.

    First thought when I opened the package was Durable. This is a tough mattress. I used it two nights in a row, and slept great. This mattress does not have the "slip and slide" effect. The top is designed so you stay put after you go to sleep. Many mattresses have such a smooth surface, one turn and you slide off. The designers thought of everything when making this mattress. A good nights rest is important when camping, and I fell asleep fast and felt great the next morning.
    I gave it four stars because it did not fold as small as I would have liked, and it is a little heavy for some lightweight backpackers.
    There is a small pocket sewen into the top of the carrying bag, I found a nice repair kit included. Good thinking Fox!
    Great price and excellent quality, I look forward to many good nights rest with this mattress.

  8. 4 Star Review Sleeping Mat

    A great weight for packing around. Has the look and feel of pretty good quality.Inflates quickly and is not hard to deflate. Handy bag. Does the job of providing padding and low temp. barrier. Have had several types over the years and this one rates up there with the good ones. i would recommend this mattress.

  9. 4 Star Review This is a good mattress

    I just received my Fox Outfitters Lightweight 100, Long. I don't consider it ultra-lightweight but it is much lighter than a traditional air-up camp mat. I own other more expensive self-inflating air mats that I have used for years. This mat appears to be as well made and compact as my other mats. The brass valve works well and filled the mat within 20 minutes. The included straps and storage bag are nice. This mat will work nicely if you need a little extra comfort in the back-country. It did not produce a crinkly sound when moving around like some other mats do. It can be folded in half length way and rolled up for a smaller length but larger circumference to give more packing options but a different stuff sack will be needed. The price is fair for this product.

  10. 5 Star Review Five Stars


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