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Stainless Steel Pint Cups (Pack of 5)

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Specs & Features

Premium Food-Grade 18/8 Stainless Steel
Material Notes:
Free of Toxins and BPA

Multi-use cup for any occasion

Perfect for a drink of water, juice, iced coffee, beer, smoothies, milk or any other beverage, Fox Outfitters 16 oz Stainless Steel pint cups are the favored multi-use cup for any occasion.


Forget those wasteful red plastic cups. Grab your stainless steel cups the next time you head out for a picnic, concert, BBQ, beach trip or just have friend over for dinner. With a stackable design, these cups are easy to toss into your backpack or cooler when you go camping or hiking. They also stack well inside your kitchen cupboard.


Durable Design

Unlike glass cups, these durable stainless steel cups won't break or shatter. Dishwasher safe and highly reusable, you'll no longer need to buy wasteful plastic cups that not only make your drink taste bad, they also end up in our landfills. NEW Electropolished finish on the inside of each cup ensures your cups will always remain rust-free.

-mg-0205-67677.1421347120.1280.1280.jpg Fox Outfitters 16oz Stainless Steel Cups are made from premium food-grade 18/8 stainless steel that is free of toxins and BPA. Extremely durable, won't break, recyclable and dishwasher safe. These steel cups will last you many years of use and give you a clean tasting drink every time. Perfect at home at the dining table, picnics, outdoor events, the workplace, schools, camping, and hiking. Great as a replacement to plastic drinking cups. 100% toxin free means no harmful paints or plastics that impart unwanted flavors into your drink.

138 product reviews
5 Stars


  1. 5 Star Review Sure are nice, and heavy.

    It's nicely made, chills well with ice cold drinks. The down side is they are heavy, not for traveling light, they sure are nice other than being heavy.

  2. 5 Star Review Awesomely Cool Cups

    These 16 oz. size cups are stainless steel and keep drinks COLD. Ice even formed on the outside of the cup the other day!! They have a very sturdy feel and are the perfect size. We use them every meal. Great item. LOVE THEM!!

  3. 5 Star Review You gotta Love 'em

    Love 'em whether it's usin' 'em for drink'n or grease 'em up to bake custard or bread in the pressure cooker at home in the kitchen, backyard or out campin'...

  4. 4 Star Review Four Stars

    Was a great deal

  5. 4 Star Review Cups

    I like them a lot.

  6. 4 Star Review Four Stars

    Looked great after laser marked with my sons favorite game character

  7. 4 Star Review Replacing my questionable plastic cups with steel

    Received this as a gift to replace plastic ones the kids use. They arrived in good condition as they were well packed with tissue and a cardboard ring in each. No scratches. They have a good feel to them and are dishwasher safe. If I have problems with them in the dishwasher I will revise this review.

  8. 4 Star Review Fox Camping Cups

    I was very surprised when receiving my cups, much stronger and larger than I expected. With them stacked they take very little storage room and will be replacing the plastic coffee cups on my mess kit asap.

  9. 4 Star Review Outdoor-Yes, Camping-No

    These cups are better than other metal cups that I've used. The sides are thicker and stronger and the rolled edge at the top is more comfortable while drinking. I like that they are stackable. The family likes them, so I can see them getting a lot of use outside on the deck.

    For camping purposes, they would be great for RVs or car camping. If you need to carry your gear in on your back, then these are not for you. They are quite heavy. Lacking a handle they are not good for warm/hot drinks. When backpacking I like to have things be multipurpose and light.

    The only other thing I noticed. When using the cup to drink water I was reminded of drinking from my old metal canteen.

  10. 4 Star Review High quality stainless with some considerations

    I really enjoy these cups. Having 18/8 stainless (18% chromium and 8% nickel) means that these cups are food grade and will resist any corrosion. That being said, I have used these cups around the house and have also taken them rock climbing; here is my summary:

    -Durable: I dropped these cups on rocks and they don't dent and will barely scuff. Because they aren't colored, if they do scuff you barely notice.
    -18/8: I do not foresee these cups corroding in any way. Additionally, they do not impart much flavor to the drinks.
    -Environmentally friendly: no need for plastic.
    -Solid: these cups are built well and are not flimsy at all. This means they set well on rocks and on counters. I don't worry about spilling my drinks.
    -Clean look: The cup itself has a nice simple look to it. The logo looks nice and is not obnoxious in any way.
    -Stackable: Bringing 5 cups on a camping trip does not take much space.

    -Metal: Although this might sound silly, because they are steel, the heat (or chill) from the drink distributes evenly to the cup and eventually to your hand. Thus, these are not ideal for hot drinks
    -Expandability: I would really like to see options to expand the use of these cups to hot fluids. A silicone lid and a sleeve would make this insulated, keeping hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold. However, a can coozie (can cooler) works well to keep your hands from getting too hot or too cold.

    Overall, I find them especially useful for camping because you can throw them into any backpack or tote and not worry about them breaking. Additionally, they hold a lot of liquid and are easy to clean. Even if you don't clean them, the flavors do not become part of the cup and bacteria do not grow well on stainless steel in general.

    If you are looking for a stainless steel cup, I would highly recommend these.

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